Ai Weiwei and Freshers’ Fair

1 October 2015

We’ve barely started uni and we’re already going out! So far, I’m madly in love with my uni. ❤
On Thursday we visited Weiwei’s exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, and went bowling in Brick Lane after.

Ai Weiwei spent seven months imprisoned in Alcatraz. His artworks are designed to provoke our perception of freedom and imprisonment.

P1480384 P1480396 P1480397 P1480398 P1480401 P1480402 P1480404 P1480405 P1480438 P1480448 P1480451 P1480455 P1480460

At Freshers’ Fair Day Two on 2 October we presented and promoted SFAF. That was good fun. 🙂
IMG_0158 P1480463 P1480464 P1480465 P1480468 P1480469 P1480470 P1480471 P1480473 P1480474


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