All I’ve got the time for these days is uni. The amount of projects isn’t high, but the standards and requirements for success are. And then there’s SFAF of course. We need make an action plan for the first term before Friday. And by we I probably mean me, because the rest of the committee is… well. Not as committed, really. :/

Anyway, uni’s been great so far. 🙂 Pretty demanding and very time-consuming, but fun anyway! To sum up most of our module work:
D E C O N S T R U C T  R E C O N S T R U C T
We are taking certain things apart (visually) and then rearrange them to find something new in the old. We are learning art direction, branding, expressing clear messages through layout, hierarchy, typography, digital illustration, analysis, etc.




In Digital Illustration we’re currently working on an album cover. In order to choose an object to reproduce digitally, a common ground within the album had to be discovered. Here are my findings:

  • just GIVE me MYSELF BACK
  • need to be ALONE
  • I wanna HEAL, I wanna feel
  • let go of the PAIN I’ve felt so long
  • I wanna be PUSHED ASIDE so let me go
  • let me take BACK MY LIFE, I’d rather be all ALONE
  • the very worst PART OF YOU is ME
  • the more I PUSH the more I’m PULLING away
  • all I want is to feel like I’m not stepped on
  • I’ll never TRUST a single thing you say
  • replacing the PAIN with something NUMB
  • easier to go than face all this PAIN here all ALONE
  • I would take back the PAIN
  • just washing it ASIDE all of the helplessness inside
  • time won’t HEAL this damage anymore
  • THOUGHTS, and the PAIN attached to them
  • took what I hated and made it a part of me – you’ve become a part of me
  • clutching my CURE
  • I HURT much more than anytime before
  • take everything from the inside and THROW IT ALL AWAY
  • heavy THOUGHTS forcing their way out of me
  • heart full of PAIN
  • I’ve become so NUMB
  • all I want to do is be MORE LIKE ME and be LESS LIKE YOU

So, the album sounds pretty depressing, right? 😀 Actually, this one helped me when I was a teenager. It was great to hear that there’s someone out there who felt as crappy as I did at the time. Musically, there’s only one song on this album that I don’t like at all. The rest is pretty decent. For its time.


I must admit that those BASICS books on Design and Typography are pretty damn amazing. They read so easily!

The reason I haven’t posted anything in a long time is that I haven’t even had any time to wonder what to write about. And how. I’ve been busy. And when I wasn’t, I was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and now The Legend of Korra. Avatar was definitely better, but Korra is good too. Occasionally a bit over-dramatic, though. And slightly boring. Ehm. 😛

In other news:
I’ll be going to MCM London Comic Con on 24 October. Woooop! But I’m super poor after purchasing a bloody £400 return flight for Christmas holiday! ARGH!!!! F*kin expensive sh*t!!!!!! >,<”’

Hmmm… what else, what else. My life is  just rotating around graphic design. I don’t have a life. lol During Christmas holiday I hope to start putting together my own portfolio website to have something to show, since I will need to get a paid placement somewhere between May and October 2016. Oh gods, I really want to get a job in graphic design, and not some shitty job to drain my will to live! 😐 Fingers crossed. I’ve got years of experience from other environments and tons of transferable skills, plus a year of graphic design short courses and the first year of BA degree! Surely something wonderful will find its way to meeeee~<3 😀 Staying positive!

And staying organized.

What to do tomorrow: Wednesday, 21 October 2015

  • choose an object for the DIW: album cover + start working in Illustrator (pen tool)
  • look for suitable ads to make an ad-buster for Tuesday + choose two + change the message + print in full-colour
  • finish typography for Monday (print on Thursday)
  • look up design work on theme of HOME for Friday (look up literature on Thursday; how did designers responded to the ideas of home in their work?)
  • extend the loan of Basics Design: Format
  • SFAF: write an action plan for Term 1

It doesn’t seem like a lot of work to do, considering that some of the above-listed are only due next week. But I’m at Comic Con on Saturday, and on Sunday I’m working in a shop. Therefore, tomorrow is my only actual day off (that I can use on project work).

😐 Busy, busy, busy!

But learning incredibly fast. Through practice. 🙂


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